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Hello, my name is Natalia Novoa and I am irrevocably IN LOVE with Zumba.  Zumba is an embodiment of love and life and, simply, a love FOR life.  I truly believe that when one partakes in the love of Zumba, one is experiencing a mind/body/spirit connection.  Not only does one's range of motion improve, but he or she feels alive and happy!  Zumba gives purpose, health, and overall fitness.  The choice is simple!  For optimal health, I recommend Zumba as a part of your daily lifestyle and consecutive routine!   I am currently in Graduate School studying Holistic Health Studies which is the study of alternative medicine and lifestyles.  Complementary and homeopathic modalities range from dance therapy to herbalism and Ayurveda.  This is my passion--to achieve optimal health in the least invasive way while spreading my love and knowledge about this holistic and pure lifestyle to others.  I also have my certificate as a Health and Wellness consultant.  Spreading my love for health and people becomes combined with Zumba and my Holistic approaches.  My favorite thing to do is have my students shake, dance, sweat, and ask me advice on health.  Natural alternatives from our Mother Earth are always the answer!  In our Zumba class, you are not just a number but YOUR ARE FAMILY.  We all share a beautiful bond; no matter the age, size, color, sex, race, so on--because we all have one very important and amazing thing in common--our LOVE FOR ZUMBA!   Why not spread the love, we thought?  "We" being my mother and myself.  My mother, Mercedes Novoa, became certified in Zumba Basic and Zumba Gold to focus on donating her time to hospitals, people with disabilities, and senior citizens.  I thought it was a great idea and I became certified in Zumba Gold as well.   We wanted to do more so we set goals to raise money for hungry children in Colombia and got together with other instructors to make it happen.  We surpassed our goal by more than double and made over $2,600 for them to have food and prolonged their lives and well being.  We were touched and inspired by everyone that was willing to help us achieve our goal so we wanted to continue to raise money for the less fortunate and other good causes as well.  Giving felt so good.  We decided to raise money for breast cancer awareness and hospice because they were amazing when my father passed away of cancer when I was only 15 years old.  They made his passing comfortable and humane, unlike many conventional approaches would have.  Hospice was also there for my grandmother more recently when we lost her this February.  We want to give back to those that can make a difference and to as many non profit organizations that have minimal or no over head expenses because we want every penny raised to go to our cause.  The future of Zumba is looking bright for us and we have many ideas to raise money for the animal shelters, which we often already donate to and to an organization in Mexico that is a day care for the children of abused mother's that watches the kids and feeds and teaches them while their mother's work and are found jobs.  Zumba is all about sharing the love, enjoying life, and loving the lives of other's.  Compassion is key and if we live knowing this and have this enlightenment and wisdom--the universe will provide us with abundance!

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