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Let’s face it! Everyone knows Working out is healthy, rewarding and beneficial, but it’s not always an exhilarating experience‚Ķat least not for me. I was always in a fight with my weight, and most of the time the weight won. A couple of years ago my doctor told me, “the only way for you to lose pounds and maintain your weight is to exercise and eat healthy.” My first step was to join a gym. I’m not going to lie it was tough. I didn’t have enough motivation, which made it harder and harder for me to go and workout. Then, one day I was at the gym and I heard Latin music, Merengue. It caught my attention so I went to look and I saw a group of people sweating like there was no tomorrow, having fun, and dancing. To my surprise it was a Zumba class.
The next time I decided to join the class and I met the instructor, Osiris Barcenas, who is now one of my best friends and has been my inspiration through this big journey. I remember as if it was just yesterday. The moment she started the class I felt this huge burst of energy and I didn’t stop moving until the end of the hour. I couldn’t believe that I could workout, lose weight, get toned and have fun all at the same time.

Since that day, I became one of the thousands who had their lives changed by the Zumba Program. A year later I obtained my Zumba certification because I wanted to be that person who could inspire and motivate others. Every class I teach is a new, uplifting experience full of energy I want to share with others. Along the way I have met people who like me, have transformed and credit Zumba for the inspiration. Every day I meet different people with amazing stories. They inspire me just as much as I inspire them.