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Almost 3 years ago I embarked on a weight loss journey. What started out as me joining a gym to lose weight, became a life changing experience.

I was in Diana's very first class, and from that moment I knew I loved Zumba. It took me a short time to realize not only was it Zumba but it was this woman. She has charisma, humility, grace. She makes everyone in her class feel like they are special.

From Day one she motivated me without fail. She would come by me, praise me, yell at me (in a good way). Three years later she was one of my best friends. I have lost 40 lbs and gained an amazing friendship and outlook on life.

Zumba has changed my life and Diana is so much a part of that.

~Melissa Mule, Lyndhurst NJ


My mother was a in a somewhat bad place last year and feeling very depressed. I forced her to come to Zumba with me and well from the first class she too was hooked. Osiris goes out of her way to make my mom feel special at every class. She will encourage her, scream out, "go Mamma" and my mother feels amazing. For her birthday she did her birthday song, and my mom was on cloud 9. She said that was the best part of her birthday. It's a wonderful thing when someone makes you want to work out. My mom has lost so much weight and has a positive attitude on life.

~Melissa Mule, Lyndhurst NJ on behalf of Rosa Bruno, Lyndhurst NJ



I AM SOOO HONORED to be this month's highlighted instructor but if anyone deserves this spot light it is Leslea Clark!!!!!!! She is AMAZING and represents NJ's finest and REALEST!! Not only is she in amazing shape and absolutely gorgeous ( God Bless ) but she is soooo modest, selfless, and confident! She wants to help everyone! She is pure with energy that glows and lights up any room with positive vibes!! I can't help smiling when I am around her!! She makes me feel excited about Zumba and health, love, friendship, family! Speang of family, she is pregnant and rocking her Zumba classes like it's nothing!! She is the real representation of an amazing INSTRUCTOR and human being!! She helped me sooo much and I love her soooo much!! Words cannot describe how truly wonderful and GENUINE she is!! The world needs more people like her and Leslea Clark deserves to be the instructor of the month every month for she is the epitome of the representation of a REAL, STRONG woman and AMAZING Zumba instructor!! NEVER CHANGE, beautiful!!

~Natalia Novoa, Lyndhurst NJ

She is the Zumba mom of the year!!! This beautiful lady is about to deliver and the way she dances, shakes and carries herself, truly admirable.

~Mercedes Novoa, Lyndhurst NJ